BayWinds Homeowners' Association, Inc.

The BayWinds HOA (commonly referred to as BW) consists of a consortium of neighborhoods; Boca Winds, Boca Falls, and Ashley Park. This association's goal is to handle maintenance & issues that affect all three neighborhoods, primarily dealing with our shared landscaping, roads, and waterways.

The BayWinds Board of Directors meets every other month on the 3rd Wednesday inside the Boca Winds Town Hall.

Next Meeting:

Wednesday May 18th @ 7PM

Next Meeting Agenda

Previous Meeting Minutes

      Board Members

  • Joseph Bilotti (Boca Falls)

  • Douglas DeLuca (Boca Winds)

  • Scott Kramer (Boca Falls)

  • Daniel Lindblom (Ashley Park)

  • Paul Pontrelli (Boca Winds)